Meditation doesn't have to be hard!


Meditation is often misunderstood as being hard to do and "woo woo" when in fact, it is not necessarily the case.  Many busy people feel great benefits from meditation and successfully complete a session as part of their daily routine to start their day.  It really can be as simple as quietening the mind and let the 'busy-ness' go.  Often when you are struggling to get the answer, if you just sit quietly and let go of all thoughts, you will be amazed when the answer just pops in your head, and like it's come out of no where!

You don't even have to sit in a yoga pose, you can be walking along the beach, standing or sitting out in nature (grounding), lying down listening to music or even with your eyes closed in silence.

It is whatever feels right and comfortable for YOU.  You could even grab the kids and do a short meditation session together, which is amazing to teach them to just stop and BE in the present moment.

Below are just a couple of different styles of meditation examples - you can literally find 100's of free meditations - guided (speaking to you), silent (no music or talking) or just music meditations on Youtube.  It is so easy to find one that suits the individual.

5 minute meditation

10 minute meditation 

27 min Forgiveness & letting go -

A great kids meditation -

Meditation music -


Give it a go a couple of times a week and feel the difference it makes.


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